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Korea Tourism Organization

Danila Drozdov

B2B development manager

Korea Tourism Organisation is a governmental non-commercial organisation whose mission is to attract tourists from all over the world to the Republic of Korea. In Russia there are two branchoffices. The Moscow office operates in Russia, Belorussia, the Baltic States and Poland.

We actively cooperate with tour operators, providing them with information about exhibitions and festivals, as well as informational materials such as brochures, maps, guides, catalogues, etc. KTO participates in international and regional exhibitions and workshops, as well as organizes presentations and meetings with tour operators and press representatives to discuss Korea's tourism market.

The Korea Tourism Office in Russia works closely with the media resources and agencies to promote tourism to Korea and provide them with all the necessary information. We place advertisements and articles about Korea in travel magazines and run advertisement campaings online and on russian TV. The Korea Tourism Organisation constantly organizes Fam tours to Korea for tour operators, medical agencies, press representatives, and the crews of such well-known programs as "Oryol & Reshka", "Poedem, Poedim!", "Neputevye zametki", "Good Morning, Russia" and others have already visited Korea.

Korea Tourism Organization is a governmental non-commercial company whose main purpose is to attract tourists from all over the world to visit the Republic of Korea. The main responsibility of the branchoffice is to cooperate with the media resourses, tour operators and travel agents, to promote the potential of Korean travel destinations for Russian travel companies, establish business partnerships, participate in exhibitions and share information on traveling to Korea. Korea Tourism Organisation has two representative offices in Russia. Moscow representative office operates since 2001. The scope of Moscow representative office covers central Russia and Western Siberia. We are glad to provide you with brochures, travel guides, and videos. We offer a variety of information on international conferences, exhibitions held in Korea, travel and your leisure time, all to make your stay in Korea unforgettable!

Main activities:

Cooperation with media sourses and agencies;

Collaboration with tour operators;

Participation in international and regional exhibitions, workshops;

Organisation of presentations, meetings with tour operators and press representatives to discuss questions of the Korean tourism market.

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